About Hygiene Care Nepal

Hygiene Care Nepal pvt.ltd has been on top of the game for revolutionizing the cleaning Industry of NEPAL. While the brand has been providing dry-cleaning and premium dry-cleaning services across its stores in Nepal, throughout Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, kathmandu, Dhulikhela, etc., we have now introduced Hygiene Care Nepal pvt.ltd Select, which is a state of the art premium Live dry-cleaning lounge, the first of its kind, right now in Chundevi Suryabinayak-05 Bhaktapur. Hygiene Care Nepal pvt.ltd Select offers an ultimate solution for all garment woes by offering dedicated and customized dry cleaning and fabric care services to enhance your garment’s shelf life. Through our Live Dry-Cleaning store, the first one in Chundevi Suryabinayak-05 Bhaktapur. we bring forth transparency and credibility to the best Dry-Cleaning experience, that was unheard of in the past. An extended range of services and a structured process ensure the perfect care, each time, for your worthy possessions. With unparalleled dedication towards getting you the best value for every penny spent, we are constantly striving to achieve Global Standards in dry cleaning. So next time your clothes need to be treated with utmost care and love, & 100% satisfaction guaranteed, remember to look for the best dry-cleaning store near you, only with Hygiene Care Nepal pvt.ltd

The Founder

Mr. Laxmi PD Luitel is the Founder and CEO at Hygiene Care Nepal pvt.ltd. Having seen the huge success of Laundromats, South East & Middle Asia, Laxmi has decided to take up the cudgels for the concept in the country and bring about the “Laundry Revolution” in Nepal. Mr. Laxmi brings forth good amount of experience in the Franchising and Start-up space.